Donna B Featured on WonderWall Studios

Donna Bernstein is a self-taught artist, painter and sculpture. Donna drew and painted horses since she was a child. What differentiates her work is that, unlike most “equestrian” Artists, she did not grow up around horses. She did not live on a ranch.

But instead, was spiritually connected to horses with an intuitive sense of them. Donna studied them voraciously; their anatomy, form and attitudes. She had to create her horses in order to have them, her imagination played a great role, and so her stylized abstractive works reflect a non-realistic perspective, but with accurate anatomy.

Maiden Issue of EqLuxe Features Donna B

 I found myself scrolling through posts and became intrigued..... This art work spoke to me and it wasn't because her paintings and drawings were equine... but there was a feeling them... They were moving......