Equestrian Silk Scarf Collection

My scarves express the freedom and joy that horses bring, and express your willingness to live in the moment!

The Longines Masters!

I exhibited my art in the luxury boutique Prestige Village at The Longines Masters, in their inaugural NY location. More pix to come!

The Competitive Equestrian - and Donna B

My work is full of the dreams of horses, the horses of my imagination, and the horses I never had....

Donna B Spotlight at Longines Masters, NY

Donna B Profile Featured on ArtFrankly.com

Equestrian Designer Donna B looking to collaborate on new product lines. Her sense of art and design brings a freshness and stylized equine product.

As Featured in StyleReins!!!

The Donna B Sun Stallion Scarf as Featured in the Elegant StyleReins Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine! Love Your Horse - Live Your Horse Style!

Donna B, Featured in Style Reins Magazine

Donna Bernstein is a contemporary artist, born in NYC she dreamed of horses, studying their movement, spirit and committing to memory their every detail....

Modern Artisan

Donna Bernstein is a renowned fine artist that specializes in a style that may be described as "modern equine" ...

"View from the Grandstand" Fine Equestrian Art at The Historic Brown Hotel Louisville, KY

The Art of Donna B - Honored to be Featured in La Polo India