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11 Ways to Wear a Donna B!

"Horses are a part of my daily life and I love finding subtle and delicate ways to incorporate them into my outfits.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Donna Bernstein a few years ago at the New York Longines Global Champions Tour and we have stayed close every since.  She is such an incredible artist that, I not only, fell in love with her art but her scarves and her eye for the magic of the horse...."

Did You See Me in EqLuxe Magazine?

Wear it and feel wonderful - and be #instyle! #Scarves are all the rage right now - you can never have too many - and are so versatile in soft, scrunchable 100% silk. Always a great #accessory to carry with you, around your neck, tied to your waist, tied around a hat, wrapped around your handbag. Wrap Yourself in the Horses of Your Dreams!

Donna B in Elite Equestrian

Read all about me in the current issue of Elite Equestrian Magazine!

Such an elegant publication. Thank you for the beautiful profile!

New Design Collaboration!

With Henry Dry Goods and Horse Network!! So excited for these equestrian fashion totes and accessories ~ Your summer essentials! As seen here at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show is “Kickin’ It”. Purchase Yours at HorseNetwork! Link in story.

Celebrate Spring in the New Issue of Horse & Style Magazine

Read about Donna B's instinctive connection to the horse, and her feeling that we all share in some ay this subconscious connection..... but for Donna, that is the source of her art and design when it comes to horses.... an innate, primal, and ancient respect for our partner in life, the exquisite equine....

Installing Your Large Scale Art

This is how you install large-scale contemporary art ~ in a place of high visibility, with room to breathe. In this case, note the unique architectural details that blend beautifully and stylistically with the style of the art ~ “Two Horses” on the wall in this London home. Linear elements repeat throughout the nature of the piece, done as a triptych in three separate but equal size panels, and support the linear aspects of the home's interior design.


Nestled in a spectacular stairwell the piece fills the available space comfortably, without excess room on either side, and neither feeling diminished by the walls. A horse always needs room to move!




Featured on the Global Equestrian site, PaardVerzameld

American contemporary artist, sculptor, textile designer and jewelry maker Donna Bernstein (b. 1954) was born in a small town north of Manhattan. As a child, she spent her free time around the horses of her neighbour, teaching herself to ride, getting familiar with their shapes and forms and refining her art. This way, she literally drew horses into her life, making them part of her world.

Donna B and the Style of Her Art, Fashion and Jewelry

Maiden Issue of EqLuxe Features Donna B

 I found myself scrolling through posts and became intrigued..... This art work spoke to me and it wasn't because her paintings and drawings were equine... but there was a feeling them... They were moving......

Gift from the Gods....

My career is a bit of an adventure – like riding a horse bareback, I would say! Challenges, struggles, and exhilaration! There are struggles in pulling together events that align with your vision, and the logistics involved with that, and the artistic struggle of creating works that are a picture of your inner self.

Wrap Yourself in Art!

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