Arabella Collection

Arabella means "yielding to prayer." In this Collection I delve into the inspirational moments of movement that the horse so naturally expresses.... the prayer of his attitude, enjoyment in his own gift for life, and the many, many ways he intuitively shares that  experience with us. 

These paintings are between 11x14" to roughly 24x30" in size, all created in white acrylic and a proprietary black ink/pigment mixture, dripped organically on the canvas to highlight his form. The paintings are all created on raw belgian linen, as fabric that I particularly love for its natural texture, color and tapestry-like element.

Please email me directly regards these as the styles change out quickly and I would love to create them specifically for you if the one you want is not available.

Pricing Starts at $395 per painting for the 11x14".

Shipping in the US is included.


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