Arabian Nights

The bountiful expression of wholeness and color, this horse moves comfortable in any environment. Vivid and kind, all four of his feet are off the ground, sending a clear message of both flight and freedom. His curved shape suggests warmth and intimacy. Arabian horses were the most prized possession of the Bedouin as he could travel long distance across the desert on horseback. Called "Drinkers of the Wind", Arabians could travel without much water, ad seemed to thrive on the desert breezes. Because he was so prized Arabians lived in the tents as one of the family. Keeping him healthy and safe kept the family safe. The Arabian story is an inspiration to all.
This is the first time this very special painting has been offered for sale online.
In two panels, the upper panel measures 36x48" and the lower piece is 12x48", for a total size of 48x48".

Wired, Ready to hang, shipping in the US included.


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