Styrofoam Horse Art Series - Custom Framed

Each of these pieces were created when I was challenged staring at sheets of styrofoam in my studio, and became inspired to paint on them with inks and archival spray. I found it fascinating to create and incorporating the underlying texture and content of the substrate into the work, which allowed for a unique artistic piece. Each one is custom framed and under glass for protection, and what I realized in the process is that styrofoam by ut very nature will probably last forever.

Enjoy! There are three pieces in the Series, and really look great together. If you are interested in just one please email me your preference and I am happy to sell them individually as well.

Priced here as a set and shipping is free - which is a great bargain because shipping glass is not inexpensive.

Each piece is custom framed, wired and ready to hang.

Each one measure about 18x24" or larger - up to 20x28".

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