Two Horses

I created this painting after seeing two older horses that spent a lot of time together, Esther and Tank. Tank was in his 30’s, quite slow, elderly and a bit blind, and Esther in her 20’s.
But horses are always in relationship, always companionable - I think horses teach us more about family than anyone. Esther would herd Tank in and out of the stable morning and at night, always keeping a close watch. I was so taken by their innate loyalty and affection I immediately went into the studio while their energies were fresh in my heart and created this piece. It is one of my personal favorites.

In Acrylics, inks and archival spray, triptych style. Each panel is 50" x 30” x 2"D; overall size is 50x90”, hung as one piece.                                 Also available as a print in a variety of sizes and substrates. Pease inquire.

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