Jumper II


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Sometimes my art starts with just one line. The simplicity of the attitude, profile, personality. Here done in ink with a splash of acrylic on canvas. Some thing of a meditative, modern cave painting.

I offer a variety of photos here because this work has a fine sheen as well as metallic paints and defined textures - in various lighting environemnts its personality comes alive. This painting shines bright in bright light and can appear more neutral in less light. Makes the piece exciting, fresh and always one of a kind!

Done as a pair actually. Jumper I and II. I often work in pairs, as horses are companionable animals. Herd animals. Familial. See them both together on this site - it is a dynamic combination.

This painting is 54"H x 4"W  2'D. Gallery wrapped, wired, ready to hang.

Shipping within the US is included