As in ancient cave paintings my works are primal and simply expressed as an energetic imprint, a moment in time.

I have always had a deep connection to horses that really cannot be explained. As a child I read every book, studied form, anatomy, and riding. I learned breeds, history and horse evolution with passionate intensity. I obsessed over their movement, attitude and personality. I sat on my neighbor’s fence all day long just to watch a horse, as he slowly grazed or looked around. Then I drew him from memory, in every gorgeous detail.

My art is not making pictures of horses, rather it is a sharing of my experience of their profound energy. Anatomical accuracy blended with spirited imagination informs my abstractive work. When painting brushless I intuitively ink-drip the horse’s form onto a flat canvas, directing acrylics, water-based inks and pigments with studied abandon.

For me the form of the horse blends pure joy and sensuality in a dynamic architectural body. My paintings celebrate this kinetic marvel, and reveal a sense of motion palpable to the viewer in minimalist bursts of fresh, raw emotion.

I have come to understand that it is not horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel.

Horses are for me a source of healing and life-affirming movement. They carry universal qualities of power, vulnerability, compassion and lively awareness. Their actions elevate the emotional connection I share in my work.

As a contemporary horse artist, as a modern painter, art teaches you about what you have to say and how you want to say it. Horses help me say it.

They are an animal unique in their ability to mirror the spirit, reflect our imagination, and inspire action. I feel lucky to be profoundly aligned with this creature, sharing that love through my art and fashion design.

Shown and collected widely my paintings complement their surroundings with an emotional atmosphere in keeping with a client's aesthetic.

Inspiration, nobility and undeniable timelessness are the gifts of art and the horse. 

Designer, bespoke, and corporate installation inquiries welcome.

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