My Field of Dreams..... this is a large diptych, 48”H x 120”W. The way it was created was by laying the two canvases on the floor, then working above them. This piece has a particularly interesting story. In my studio, with a large overhead door, in the autumn a bit like now, a slight breeze, a softness of mountains dust, and a few russet 🍁 leaves blew in... landing in the painting as I worked.

The horses were being depicted in an open field, a bit of a breezy day, their manes, tails and the grasses swirling gently around theme. Hmm. Why not? I had added texture along the bottom of the panels to accentuate the depth and feel of the pasture... and as the leaves added themselves to the piece I adhered them to the surface and colored them.

It is one of my favorite pieces as I let nature work with me in creating a one of a kind experience. I actually haven't shown the piece in quite a while; it is a bit tricky to transport. It is magnificent on the wall however, with hues of bronze, sunset and gold.... befitting a modern, expressive home or corporate space. 

Gallery wrapped, wired and ready to hang.

Overall size is 48"H x 120"W x 2"D.


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