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My Field of Dreams..... this is a large diptych, 48”H x 120”W, in two panels of 48x60" each. It was created by laying two canvases on the floor, then working above them. It has a particularly interesting story. In my studio, with a large overhead door, in the autumn a slight breeze, a softness of mountain dust, and a few russet 🍁 leaves blew in... landing in the painting as I worked.

The horses are depicted on an open plain, a bit of a breezy day, their manes, tails and the grasses swirling gently around theme. Hmm. Why not? I had added texture along the bottom of the panels to accentuate the depth and feel of the tall grasses, and as the leaves added themselves to the piece I adhered them to the surface and colored them.

It is one of my favorite pieces. I let nature work with me freely in creating a one of a kind experience. It is all about Freedom... freedom for the wild horses....the American Mustangs. Freedom to exist as they are, natrurally.

It is magnificent on the wall, with brilliant texture and hues of bronze, sunset and gold.... befitting a modern, expressive home or corporate space. 

Gallery wrapped, wired and ready to hang.

Overall size is 48"H x 120"W x 2"D.