As in ancient cave paintings my works are primal and expressed as an energetic imprint, a moment in time.

I have always had a deep connection to horses. As a child I read books and ardently studied their gestures and anatomy. I learned about the many noble breeds, history and their prehistoric evolutions with passionate intensity. I obsessed over their movements, attitudes and personalities. I still remember sitting on my neighbor’s fence all day long just to watch a horse, as he slowly grazed or looked around. Then I would draw him from memory, in every gorgeous detail.

Many years later, I am still obsessed. The horse is an animal unique in its ability to mirror the human spirit, reflect our imaginations, and inspire us to action. Their emotional gestures, dynamic movements and architectural form can express pure joy and sensuality. Through my art and design, I celebrate the profound energy of this wonderful creature with a blend of anatomical accuracy and spirited imagination.

Horses have become my lifelong guide. I feel profoundly lucky to be aligned with this creature, and to share my passion through original paintings and fashion design. My artworks have been shown and collected widely, and they enhance any home or office with an emotional atmosphere in keeping with a client’s aesthetic.

I have come to understand that it is not horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel.