Power Horse


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One of my favorite artworks, this is a powerful horse painted on raw linen canvas in acrylics, inks, archival spray and rich textured thick paint. The materials speak directly to the imposing presence of this equine, proud in his existence and of his strength. Yet there is an element of tenderness in his eye, and this is why we love horses and paintings of horses - to be reminded of their noble and compassionate natures everyday, whether we own real horses or not.

My paintings provide you the feeling of having a horse of your own, as they fully project the experience of being with a horse. And this is a special one. In the detailed images see his unique gesture, texture and shine, as well as layered metallic colors and his sense of quiet power.

Large scale at 60"H x 48"W x 2"D on custom stretched gessoed linen it is gallery wrapped, wired and ready to hang in your home or office. Or barn!

Shipping is included in this price to anywhere in continental USA.

Hopefully he will come home with you and be yours!